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At TLN Motorsports we are often asked about the products we use from sponsors. My answer is always the same, “We believe in and use everything that has a sponsor logo on the side of our race bikes”. With that said we were recently asked about Enerycoil, what we thought of the product and would we recommend it. That’s an easy answer and I can tell you why.


First of all Val Dick of Energycoil is a man of his word. He sincerely wants the best for all of his customers. He understands what people want, be it racers to everyday riders looking for a performance boost. If you have questions are issues you will definitely get a timely response and resolution to your issue.

As racers we at TLN Motorsports are looking for every advantage we can get. Val Dick became a part of our build on the Kawasaki ZX-6R and provided us with a set of coils for that bike. He didn’t stop there though. He provided us with a set of coils for the EX-250R we also race. He gave us step by step instructions on how to maximize the performance of the coils also. We first tested the coils on our EX-250R on the dyno. Understand this is a 31 RWHP motorcycle. We were able to document a 1 RWHP pick up on the bike with the coils. 1 RWHP on a 31 HP engine is huge. With the addition of the Energycoil coils the 250 has set 12 new Land Speed Racing records in 2 events in 2015 and the little bike bracket races in the 106-109 mph range with a best of 112.5 mph. Those results speak for themselves.


The ZX-6R also showed about 1.5 RWHP pick up on the dyno, not huge on a 151 RWHP motorcycle, but the dyno doesn’t always tell you everything. We came out of the box with the new bike setting 6 Land Speed Racing records in the 1st event, just narrowly missing setting the World’s Fastest N/A 650cc Standing Mile top speed. We were still learning the bike and working out a few bugs in the bike. In Round 2 we again set 6 Land Speed Racing records moving the World’s Fastest N/A 650cc Standing Mile Top Speed 3 times to a final result or 190.2748 mph. Data shows the bike still gaining at the end and our AFR spot on. Longer duration spark and quicker charging make these coils a must on our race bikes. Being able to keep our AFR stable on the big end is definitely making a difference. Again the results speak for themselves.


I have been amazed by our success this season and that’s why Greg Neal and TLN Motorsports highly recommend Energycoil coils. Yes they are a sponsor and yes they provided us with the coils, but that doesn’t change the fact that we only use and recommend products that get the job done. 190.2748 mph on a N/A ZX-6R in a standing mile doesn’t just happen every day. Fact is it has only happened once so far. No one else in the World has done it but us, and Energycoil coils were providing us the spark.