Well I didn’t even know about Energycoils until a Canadian racer told me about them one weekend I was helping him to tune his ski (Cory Rarick, a very good rider, a better guy), I got curious about the coils and wanted a set to try out for myself.

I received just one set to test and we did some testing on different skis. Here in Dubai the weather and water conditions are very hard on jet skis. In all tests ( in different skis, with different setups) we noticed stronger acceleration, we didn’t even have to make any log files to check and compare with the stock coils. Just hearing all the feedback from the ski owner’s.  All of them, absolutely all of them told me they felt the stronger acceleration. Since we first tried them we’ve tested with different coils and only Energycoil shows the most acceleration, responsiveness and performance gains.

We also a did a second test with the great rider György Kasza  (he’s actually one of the best riders in the world), he was getting too much backfire from his ski. He’s open class so I gave him a set of Energycoils just to try out. He called me back asking for more sets of coils, there’s no more back fire and he loves the new coils. His mechanic even told me “they cannot compare with stock or other companies coils” (I know they tested Energycoils against manufacturer brand coils, and other aftermarket coils).

Well, we did more tests on more skis…all of them always showed improvement in the response and in acceleration. We were so impressed with the coils that we became official dealers and started selling the coils.

MRG Racing

Now all I can say about these coils is they’re amazing! We now include them in all our performance skis. There hasn’t been one single customer who’s told us they cannot feel the difference, all of them are very happy and the reliability is higher than stock coils.

For just a few dollars more than stock coils you can get big improvements in your ski, and I fully recommended them for high boost!

Jesus Garcia – MRG Racing.