I have been racing motorcycles for 20+ years and have been in the Pro-Street class since 2009 and have I always looked for the products that will give me that extra edge so when I saw the product release for Energycoils I was very interested. The Energycoil provides a lot more voltage than stock OEM coils and that’s the type of advantage I am looking for because good spark is critical.

A few racer’s have asked, “did you see power gains from the new Energycoils”. I never put my bike on the dyno, but this year I have been running in the high 6 second and low 7 second zone. So did the coils help? I’m going faster than I ever have before, and the coils are new for this year! I also believe there is more performance yet to be gained by using these coils..


I believe they are the best insurance you can purchase when it comes to NOS injected bikes or anybody looking for additional performance. With that being said we have purchased 2 additional sets of Energycoils for the other bikes I race.

I would like to thank Val for providing a high quality product that is needed to compete at this level of racing.


– Doug Witt