The arrival of Energycoil marks a new era in high performance stick coils (coil-on-plug technology) for the Powersports industry.

By incorporating leading edge power delivery technology with innovative design features, this “plug and play” coil solution delivers a more consistent, cleaner and powerful spark, which is critical to the performance of your engine. Company Founder and President, Val Dick, led the development of Energycoil, drawing from his experiences as one of the most successful engine builders and tuners in the CMDRA – Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association.

“From my perspective, the one piece of the puzzle I noticed missing in today’s market was a true performance coil-on-plug solution. So we developed one that provided increased voltage output with faster charge and discharge times, creating a longer hotter duration spark event. We also incorporated our power grip spark plug retention system, which increases energy transfer efficiency, and also makes coils loosening up and misfires a thing of the past.” – Val Dick, President and Founder of Energycoil


“In order to stay ahead of the competition, you must be on the cutting edge of emerging technology. Energycoil is doing just that with their stick coils.The more powerful, hotter spark allows me to squeeze every last ounce of horsepower out of my engines, and that is what keeps us in front of the competition.” – Ethan Barkley, 13 time Canadian Motorcycle Drag Association National Champion.

While its genesis was at the racetrack, the benefits reach far beyond, and Energycoil has developed a complete line of products that have been designed to meet the unique specifications of today’s high performance powersports applications. Delivering increased engine performance, quicker throttle response and lower fuel consumption, Energycoil is the “must have” aftermarket modification for your motorcycle, UTV, ATV, Snowmobile or personal watercraft.

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